Sanda Is Granted Two Key Undergraduate Education Reform Projects

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-09-27Views:10

Recently, the Shanghai Education Commission published “2020 Shanghai University Undergraduate Course Educational Reform Project List Notice”. “The construction and practice of competency-based application-oriented training mode for undergraduate students in health education”, held by Professor Feng Zhen from International College of Medicine and Technology, and “the practical teaching reform of hotel management in campus based on the concept of combining knowledge and practice” held by Associate Professor Zhang Yiwei, have been approved in the projected list. The time period for research and practice is two years.

Our school has done a good job in organizing the application work, and conducted on-campus evaluation on the 7 projects presented by the secondary colleges, and selected the best ones to participate in the final project selection. After the procedures of expert evaluation and examination by the Education Commission, the 2 projects applied were both accepted. The approved projects focused on the core elements and the key link of talent training, paid attention to integrating theory with practice, actively explored the health education and the hotel management, and sought to deepen the reform of the teaching and promote the establishing of first-class majors.

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