Mr. Quan CHEN

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Mr. Quan CHEN, professor and Dean of Spanish Department, used to work for the Spanish Department of Shanghai University of International Studies from April, 1973 to December, 2020 as its Academic Dean, and has currently been working for the Spanish Department as the Dean, of Shanghai Sanda University since January, 2011.  He wen to study at the University of Havana and obtained a Master’s degree in Economics in 1988.  Professor Chen, with research directions include Culture and Translation, and Simultaneous Interpretation and Foreign Language Teaching Methodology, has been engaged in Spanish language teaching and scientific research for years, and respectively undertaken the teaching of various undergraduate basic courses, such as the Intensive Reading Course, Interpretation, Translation from Spanish to Chinese, Translation from Chinese to Spanish, and Writing for senior students, and the research courses of Reading and Writing and Simultaneous Interpretation for Master students. Due to his wide range of knowledge, rich experience, flexible teaching methods and excellent outcomes, he has been awarded numerous times the honorary titles of University-Level Outstanding Faculty Member, Excellent Head Teacher, Brilliant Stuff, and students’ “Favorite Teacher in the Heart, and won the third prize of Zijiang Teaching and Scientific Research by Education Incentive Fund of Shanghai University of International Studies in December, 2000.  

He was also invited to participate in the translation of the famous work One Hundred Years of Solitude published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House and the complete Works of Borges, a famous Argentine writer, and translated Recall of State”, Memoirs of Chen Jinhua, and, therefore, won the 2013 National Export Book Award.  Mr. Chen, over the years, has published numerous textbooks and publications including “Practical Conversation in Spanish” published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, “Practical Conversation in Spanish” (Intermediate level) published by the Commercial Press, “Spanish-Chinese Elementary Interpretation Course” (part 1 and part 2) published by Beijing Commercial Press, and “Lonely Tango” published by Shanghai Cultural Publishing House. In addition, his other works such as “Spanish International Trade Practice”, “Spanish International Trade Negotiation”, “Spanish Foreign Secretary”, “Spanish-Chinese Interpretation”, “Spanish-Chinese Business Interpretation, and others are expected to be published soon.

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