Ms. Chao PAN

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Ms. Chao PAN, lecturer, went to study at the Spanish Department of Shanghai University of Foreign Studies and obtained both Degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts, and obtained Profession Certificate of Spanish Language Level 8, as well as Profession Certificate of English Language Level 8.  Ms. Pan, with a solid professional foundation of rich knowledge and skills, maintains close ties with Spanish-speaking countries, served as an interpreter for large conferences or academic courses such as the World Expo for many times, has long served as official translator for the notarization of application documents for going abroad, and used to undertake the training for governmental sponsored graduate students in small-country languages entrusted by China Scholarship Council, where she has accumulated rich teaching experience, and understood the different needs of various students. She is rigorous with his teaching style, but kind and meticulous in caring her students, trying to encourage every student with love, but, at the same time, setting high standards for her students, and being loved and respected by them.  


She is good at teaching the courses of Basic Spanish Comprehensive and Spanish-Chinese Translation. She organizes and manages the delivery knowledge of her classes always in an articulate way, being skillful in utilizing proofs, evidence, and supporting materials in class and explaining profound things in a simple way. For instance, she is capable not only to explain complicated Spanish grammar in a very articulate and easy-to-understand way, but also to get the students deeply involved in the class activities in a very active and enthusiastic manner, providing the students with a very ideal and positive learning atmosphere to help them to consolidate the knowledge while learning, and to ensure what they have learnt is for practical use.  Ms. Pan is also good at summing up teaching experience after class teaching and very actively engaged in subject research. As a result, she has made remarkable achievements in teaching and research such as winning the "Shanghai University Young Teacher Training Subsidy Plan" in 2013, being selected to participate in the translation work for the imported text book "Ele Actual(B1)" in 2014, and publishing his paper in "Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium of the Association of Hispanic Scholars in Asia" in 2015.

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