Ms. Yifei QIAN

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Ms. Yifei QIAN, lecturer, went to study at the Spanish Department of Shanghai University of Foreign Studies and obtained a degree of Bachelor of Arts, and also went to Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Span, majoring translation and obtained a Master’s degree. She, in her junior year at the university, volunteered herself to serve the Spanish delegations as an interpreter at the Shanghai World Expo, and also went to University of Zaragoza to study Economics and Business Management in her senior year as a government sponsored student.  Ms. Qian, with a solid foundation of Spanish Language, broad knowledge, strong memory, and quick response in translation, has obtained rich experience of Chinese-Spanish translation and simultaneous interpretation in international conferences. At present, she mainly focuses on the direction of her professional development in Spanish-Chinese Translation and Computer Aided Translation.  She, with humorous teaching style, flexible teaching methods, and her kindness and patience, pays special attention to the cultivation of student's self-study and the practical application abilities, guides the student to apply the classroom knowledge to real-life application, so as to achieve thorough understanding by learning sufficient knowledge.  She is deeply loved by her students.

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