Ms. Ling ZHANG

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Ms. Ling ZHANG, lecturer, studied in Qingdao University majoring Spanish Language and Literature and obtained a degree of Bachelor of Arts, and also studied in University of Salamanca, Spain majoring Latin American Studies and obtained a degree of Master of Arts.  She has obtained the Certificate of Professional Spanish Language Level 8, and the Certificate of Spanish Language Official Level DELE C2.  Ms. Zhang has a solid foundation of Spanish language, broad scope of knowledge, rich teaching experience, and the ability of delivering sophisticated things in very easy-to-understand language and terms.  She pays special attention to cultivating students' self-learning and language practical application abilities, and adheres to the main teaching objectives and guidance of learning knowledge for practical use.  She not only has very rich experience in interpretation and foreign affairs, but also pays great attention to the application of new technologies in Spanish language teaching.

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