Mr. Yanyu CHEN

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Mr. Yanyu CHEN, teaching assistant, studied in the Spanish Department, Beijing International Studies University, and obtained a degree of Bachelor of Arts, and also studied at Universidad de Alcala majoring Translation and Interpretation and obtained a Master’s degree. He was sent by Huawei Company to Latin America as marketing manager in Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and other countries and worked there from 2012 to 2016, having accumulated rich marketing experience in Spanish-speaking countries.  Mr. Chen, having a solid foundation of his professional studies,  explaining the profound things in simple language and terms, being earnest and responsible for his teaching and his students, always making his class students-centered, emphasizing interaction between teacher and students, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, constantly summing up experience in the work of teaching, and paying great attention to the exploration of better teaching methodology.  He teaches a number of courses including Basic Spanish Comprehensive, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Listening, Spanish Reading, Second Foreign Language (Spanish) and others.

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