Ms. Xinyue HUANG

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Ms. Xinyue HUANG, teaching assistant, studied in Nanjing Normal University and obtained a Bachelor degree in Language and Literature, and also studied in University of Granada, Spain, and obtained a Master’s degree in Language and Literature, with the research direction of Modern Language and Culture. She currently engages mainly in the basic stage teaching, pays special attention to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and the overall development of each student, and has rich experience in teaching courses such as “Basic Spanish Comprehensive”, “Audio, Visual, and Speaking in Spanish”, and “Spanish Reading”. She is good at improving teaching effect by utilizing multimedia technology, expanding teaching materials, and enriching teaching methods. As a result, she is deeply loved by his students. She also won the third prize in the School-level Teaching Basic Skills Competition, sponsored by the School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Sanda University, in 2019.

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