Ms. Zhongshi JIN

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Ms. Zhongshi JIN is Professor, Dean of Korean Department and Overseas Director of the International Korean Language Education Association. She mainly teaches the courses including Korean Writing, Korean Grammar, Korean Lexicology, Korean History, and Second Language Acquisition Theory. She has published more than 40 academic papers in core publications such as South Korean journal KCI, including Comparison of Sentence Way of Expressions Between China and South Korea Application of Prototype Theory in Korean Vocabulary Teaching Comparison of the Word Order of Object Sentences Between Chinese and Korean Languages and Types and Commonalities of Deixis System Levels, and monographed more than 30 textbooks and teaching aids including “A Study on the Teaching Methods of Korean Objective Sentences”, “A Comparative Study on Chinese and Korean Grammar”, and “A Study on The Teaching Method of Korean Language In China”. In addition, she has won a number of honorary titles and awards including National Non-lingua Franca Contribution Award, the Zijiang Teaching Award and the Research Award.

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