Mr. Longhua QUAN

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Mr. Longhua QUAN, Professor, used to teaching at the Korean Department of Shanghai Ocean University and now works for Korean Department of Sanda University, mainly teaching the courses including Basic Korean, Advanced Korean, Korean Newspaper Reading, Selected Readings of Korean Literature, and etc. His main research direction is Korean-Chinese Language Comparison, and Korean Language Education.  His major academic research achievements include a good number of published papers including A Comparative Study of Chinese Function Words and Korean Conjunction Suffix, A Comparative Study of Korean and Chinese Reduplications, A Comparative Study of Korean and Chinese Greetings, On Advanced Korean Language Teaching Principles, On Teaching of Korean Newspapers and Periodicals, On Sample Sentence Design in Korean Language Teaching and many others, and published textbook and teaching materials including series of textbooks entitled Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Korean Language, Selected Reading of Korean Newspapers and Periodicals, Selected Reading of Korean Literature, and etc.  He has also won a number of honorary titles and awards such as “Shanghai Ocean University Outstanding Teacher”, and “Shanghai Talent Cultivation Award”. In addition, he has successively been appointed the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Korean Language Teaching and Research”, and the person in charge of Korean Language Test for level-4 and level-8, and other social services.

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