Ms. Yulan JIN

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Ms. Yulan JIN, Professor and Master student instructor with a Ph.D. degree, used to teach in the School of Korean Language, Shandong University, and now works for Korean Department of Shanghai Sanda University, with the research directions of Classical Literature Comparison between China and South Korea, and The Education of Korean Language.  She has published a good number of textbooks and teaching materials such as “An Idiom Dictionary of Korean and Chinese Proverbs”, “A Study on the Stylistic Evolution of Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese and South Korean Versions”, “An In-depth Interpretation of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms”, and many others in South Korean KCI and domestic academic journals and publications.  She has won the honorary titles of Outstanding Teacher of Shandong University, Excellent Undergraduate Student Instructor, and Teaching Expert of Weihai Campus, Shandong University.

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