Sanda Held a Forum for Newly Employed Doctors

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In order to strengthen the construction of high-level teachers, our school actively carries out the recruitment of high-level talents and strengthens the recruitment of doctoral teachers. From October 2019 to September 2020, our school has signed employment contracts with 18 doctors, 5 of whom are from Taiwan. On 11 September, the New Doctor forum jointly organized by the Office of Human Resources Management and the Office of Planning and Science and Technology was held in Conference Room 6306. Leaders of some colleges, representatives of doctors and new teachers attended the forum. The forum was chaired by Mr. Li Guang, director of Planning and Technology.

The forum was held under the theme of “A new Voyage in Life, a New Career Journey”. Dr. Zhang Yiwei, Dr. Zhang Minghuan, Dr. Fan Wei and Dr. Guo Fangkun shared their experience in scientific research from different perspectives as guests. Zhang Yiwei talked about how to keep the patience and enthusiasm of scientific research through his own experience and cases around him. He said that he hoped teachers could learn to share and cooperate, and try to carry out cross-border integration. Zhang Minghuan shared her experience on how to balance and coordinate scientific research, teaching and management. She expounded on the relationship between scientific research and teaching, how to arrange various tasks and how to solve problems. Starting from his work experience, Fan Wei shared his transformation process of scientific research role in different stages. Guo Fangkun put forward suggestions on international journal submission and paper writing methods.

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