President Chen Gave the First Lesson to New Teachers

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On September 9 and 10, fifty new staff members received orientation training of Sanda. On the first day, our school leaders extended a warm welcome to them. Chairman Zhu Shaozhong said that Sanda had a history of nearly 30 years, and he welcomed all to this dynamic university. President Chen Yiyi gave the first lesson to the new teacher with the topic of “Joining Sanda and Pursuing Excellence Together”.

What kind of school is Sanda? How to Strive for Excellence in Sanda. Chen started the lesson with these two questions. According to him, knowing Sanda was the first step to join Sanda, and then the next task is to work with Sanda building a great school and becoming great teachers. Chen introduced the situation and planning of the school from four aspects, including its history, attributes, achievements and development goals.

Chen put forward three questions to new teachers, “Why do you choose to be a teacher”, “How to be a qualified teacher”, and “how to be an excellent teacher. He pointed out that students should be put in the first place, that the responsibility of teaching should be put in the first place, and that the strengthening of vocational ability should also be put in the first place. Teachers are professional so they should improve their quality and strengthen their ability. The main classes in colleges and universities is still in the classroom, and quality of teaching always matters. Teachers should give priority to teaching ability, research ability, coordination ability and other professional abilities, and then develop the ability to control the classroom order, adjust the classroom atmosphere, evaluate students’ academic performance and conduct research in relevant subjects.

Chen stressed that for university teachers, research is essential, even in universities that emphasize teaching. The research of university teachers can be disciplinary research or teaching research. In addition to guiding students, research must be done. Application-oriented university research is not only about writing papers, but also directly serving the needs of society and enterprises.

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