Dr. Yunzhi YOU

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Dr. Yunzhi YOU, Deputy Dean of School of Marxism, is also a representative of the 10th CPC Party Congress of Shanghai, the host of You Yun Studio – the Master Teacher Studio of Shanghai Higher Institution Ideological and Political Courses, and Shanghai Institution Psychological Counselor.  She was selected as the top-notch young and middle-aged talent in the teaching and research of Ideological and political courses in Shanghai higher institutions, currently teaching the compulsory course Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation, and previously teaching elective courses such as Mental Health of College Students, Intensive Reading (University),  Hongyi China (strong and tenacious), and etc.  She has also won numerous honorary titles and awards including the following:

2019National Heroine Pacesetter;

2018Shanghai Education Annual News Person Nomination Award - Shanghai March 8th Red Banner Pacesetter;

2017The Most Beautiful Ideological and Political Course Teacher in Shanghai;

2015March 8th Red Banner Pacesetter of Shanghai Education System, and Shanghai Sanda University Chuwen Scholarship;

2014Shanghai Teacher Education Model Nomination Award;

2013Second prize of the Second Ideological and Political Teaching Competition of Colleges and Universities in the Yangtze River Delta Region;

2013Shanghai Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award;

2011Second prize of the First Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Competition in Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning;

2011“Striving for Excellence” Teacher Ethics Model of Shanghai Municipal Education-Health-Party System, and Excellent Party Member of Shanghai Municipal Education-Health-Party System;

2009Excellent Ideological and Political Theory Teacher in Shanghai, and Shanghai Model Teacher;

2008First prize of the First Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Competition in Shanghai Private Higher Institutions; 

In addition, she has published many papers in collections of various journals at various levels, presided over and participated in a good number of various projects in Shanghai, and edited many monographs, including Analysis of the Status Quo of the Teaching Staff of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Private Colleges and Universities in Shanghai, Analysis of the Problem of the Marginalization of College Students' Morality, Investigation and Countermeasures on the Marginalization of College Students' Political Belief, and etc. She also wrote the monograph Professional Ethics and others.

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