Dr. Gang YU

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Dr. Gang YU, graduated from the School of Marxism in Ideological and Political Education, Fudan University, with a doctoral degree, is currently working for School of Marxism of Shanghai Sanda University, as the Secretary of the Joint Party Branch of the School of Marxism and the Department of Physical Education, and an associate professor mainly teaching Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and Outline of Modern Chinese History. He has won a number of honorary titles and awards including the honor of being selected to presided over the completion of 2 research projects on the practice of moral education in Shanghai education institutions, the successful completion in having published 5 papers, the honorary title of an outstanding Communist Party member of Shanghai Sanda University, the honor of an Advanced Individual given by Shanghai Pudong New District Science Popularization Volunteer Association, and the third prize of the First Outstanding Scientific Research Achievement of Shanghai Sanda University.

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