Ms. Hong CEN

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Ms. Hong CEN, graduated from East China Normal University with a master's degree in 2004,has been working as a faculty member and a lecturer for Shanghai Sanda University ever since, mainly teaching courses such as “An Introduction to MAO Zedong Thought and The System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” and “An Outline of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History” and others.  She has been well received and appreciated by many students for her teaching practice and won a good number of honorary titles and awards in various types of teaching competitions including the Second Prize of the Course Teaching Competition of Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation in Shanghai Private Higher Education Institutions, the Third Prize of the First Shanghai Ideological and Political Theory Course The Outline of Chinese Modern History Teaching Competition, Shanghai Sanda University “New Star on Campus” Award, Honorary Title of “Outstanding Educator”, and etc.  Apart from teaching, she has independently presided over and participated in a number of institutional and municipal scientific research projects, and published numerous papers in academic journals in China and abroad.

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