Ms. Chunli CHI

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Ms. Chunli CHI, associate professor and Dean of Department of Situation and Policy of School of Marxism, mainly responsible for teaching the course of “An Introduction to MAO Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”.  She has undertaken a number of course subjects of moral education practice entrusted by Shanghai Municipal Government including “the Status Quo and Optimization Strategies of Thematic Class Meetings in Shanghai Private Education Institutions”,  Poetry Education in the Scene of Aestheticization of Daily Life - An Effective Way to Enhance the Aesthetic Education of Shanghai Private University Students, and “Poetry Education and its Optimization Strategy in the Scene of Aestheticization of Daily Life” - a key education project of Party Construction, Ideological and Political Education in Shanghai Private Education Institutions.  She actively participates in article writing for the institutional newspaper Rhythm of Sanda, expressing opinions on the hot issues of college students. She has successfully obtained the Professional Instructor Qualification Certificate and the Public Relations Manager Training Certificate. She has also won a number of honorary titles and awards including 2006-2007 Institutional Outstanding Educator; Institutional Outstanding Communication Worker of 2007, the third prize in the School Motto Guides My Growth Essay Competition and the second prize in the Recitation Competition in 2012, and Institutional Excellent Educator in 2014.

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