Ms. Juanhua YAN

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Ms. Juanhua Yan is Deputy Dean of Comprehensive Department of Ideological and Political Education of Jiashan Campus, mainly undertaking, ever since taking the job post, the responsibility of teaching the courses of “Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation” and “Basic Knowledge of the Communist Party of China”.  She has won a number of honorary titles and awards including the third prize of the fourth Shanghai University Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Competition entitled Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation” in May, 2014, the prize for excellence won by her students participating Second Shanghai University Student Theoretically Presenting Micro-course under her guidance in September 2019, the third prize won by her students participating in the Public Demonstration of Ideological and Political Courses for College Students under her guidance in Shanghai in December, 2019, the honorary title of “Outstanding Faculty Member of Shanghai Sanda University” in 2019, and the Award of Excellence in the Fourth Shanghai Young Teachers Teaching Competition in July, 2020.

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