Mr. Wenguo LIU

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Mr. Wenguo LIU

Professor of Accounting

Certified Public Accountant

Phone Number: 13501709745

Office Location: Room 8304, Building NO.8


Master of Accountancy from Shanghai University of Finance & Economics.

Bachelor’s Degree from Nanchang University.

Causes Taught

Accounting Principles, Financial management, Financial Statement Analysis, International Financial Management and Investments.

Research Interests

Corporate finance and capital market

Working Experiences

He has taught at Jiangxi University of Finance &Economics and Shanghai Finance university, he received certificates of Teaching Excellence Awards from above universities.

He worked as a visiting scholar at the Tianjin University, Beihang University and University of Rhode Island over ten years.

Research Achievements

Professor Liu is widely published in academic journals. His research papers have appeared in The Journal of Accounting Research, the Journal of Auditing Research, the Journal of finance and economics and the Journal of Chinese University.

He received his best paper award from American decision sciences institute in 2001. And some of his textbooks are widely used in college classes in many universities.

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