Ms. Aili SUN

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Ms. Aili SUN



Phone Number: 18017825121

Office Location: Room8306. Building NO.8  


PhD, 2015, Donghua University, School of Xuri Industrial and Commercial Administration, Enterprise and Finance Management

Master, 2002, Fudan University, School of International Finance, International Finance

Bachelor, 1996, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, School of Accounting, Accounting

Courses Taught: Cost Accounting, Financial Management, Tax, Auditing  

Course Construction

Sanda University, (2012) the key course construction: Cost Accounting

Shanghai,(2013), the key course construction: Cost Accounting

Shanghai, (2018), the key course construction of Shanghai: Cost Accounting


Comparative study of the implications of corporate financial goals in China, (2012) Commercial Accounting

Corporate strategy and budget performance: analysis of the new energy enterprise comprehensive budget, (2013) Communication of Finance And Accounting  


Editor, western economics (2007), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics press

Editor, Cost accounting (2013), Dalian University of Technology press

Research Projects

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Innovation projects, (2011) Research on Innovation Countermeasures on the problems about the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Yangtze River Delta

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