Ms. Jingfang Qian

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Ms. Jingfang Qian

Associate Professor


Office Location: Room 8312. Building NO.8


Master Degree

2015.08 – 2016.08, South Utah State University, Financial management professional/senior visiting scholar

Courses Taught

Financial Management, Tax Planning Corporation Strategies and Risk Management


From 2004.02 onwards, worked in Shanghai Sandau College as Associate Professor/ Dep Head, Accounting Department. Having double-qualified teachers actively participate in practice while teaching and educating people, and have rich practical experience:

1. familiar with financial and tax processing and reporting process; familiar with the industry accounting and accounting processing;

2. familiar with national policies, corporate financial systems and processes, relevant financial laws and regulations;

3. having strong ability of cost management, risk control and financial analysis;

4. with strong financial and financial management control ability;

5. familiar with company strategy, financial structure and planning;

6. having good professional ethics and professionalism, work seriously.  


Editor, published the textbook:Financial Management, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press, 2019

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