Ms. Hongxia Gao

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Ms. Hongxia Gao

Associate Professor


Office location: 8306. No 8


Master of Economics, Fudan University, 2005   

Courses Taught

Career planning education, commercial banking operation management, Finance

Research interest

Career education, advantage development in virtue, creativity skill development

Research Achievements

Shanghai Citizen Creation Project-Career Course Ideological and Political Teaching Reform and Innovation Demonstration construction phases I, II and III.

Course Taught

Shanghai, (2012), the key course construction: commercial banking operation management

Shanghai, (2015), the key course construction: Career planning


1. Teaching achievement of “Finance Career Teaching System Condensing eight resources”,2014, 2nd price

2. “Training model for the quality orientation of applied talents” (Shanghai Education and Health party committee civilized campus special project),2014, nomination award

3. “Climbing the sail of career development”, 2015, excellent case of career education in Shanghai Education Commission.

4. “Introduction to college students’ career” (2017) won the honorary title of Shanghai Excellent courses

5. Teaching achievement of “career teaching system embedded in Double Innovation Education”, 2017, 1st prize

6. “Socialization: Applied University Double Innovation Education Model and Double Innovation Training Plan Ecological chain”, 2018, Excellent Teacher Thesis of Shanghai Education Commission

7. “Exploration of Value-added Learning CONTAINED IN A ‘HAPPINESS FLOWER’—Innovation of Career Curriculum ideological and Political Teaching Focusing on the Main Contradictions of society in the New Era” Shanghai University Education Commission Outstanding Teacher Thesis


Gao Hongxia, introduction to the College students’ Career, Fudan University Press 1st edition in 2015,2nd edition in 2018

Online Courses

Leading the Happy Life Class: Achieving a Better Self, the credit class and open class that the Wisdom Tree launched in early 2019

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