Ms. Yijing HUANG

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Ms. Yijing HUANG

Teaching Assistant


Office Location: Room 8306,Building NO.8


Master of Accounting at Shanghai University

Bachelor of Management; Bachelor of Economics

Courses Taught

Basic Accounting; Intermediate Financial Accounting,

Accounting Information Systems; The application of Excel in Financial Management; Corporate Strategy and Risk Management

Research Interests

Accounting; Capital market; Corporate governance


Essay“Research on Real Estate Financing Mode in China—Based on the Case of Rongxin China”was published in the journals New Finance and economics 2019 Second period.

During the postgraduate study, Essay Study on the Control Rights and Financing Structure of Startups was published in the core journals (Peking University directory) Financial Accounting 2017 twenty-seventh period.

Academic Research Programs

During the postgraduate study, from August 10 to August 29, 2017, participated in the summer school of Shanghai Empirical Accounting Research Method hosted by Shanghai Degree Committee and undertaken by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

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