Dr. Qiaoping JIA

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Dr. Qiaoping JIA


Email: qpjia@sandau.edu.cn

Office: 8222


Ph.D., Economics, Oklahoma State University, USA, June 1996

M.A., Economics, Kansas State University, USA, August 1998

Bachelor of Economics, Renmin University of China, July 1984

Courses Taught

Introduction to Business (in English)

Microeconomics (in English)

Macroeconomics (in English)

Academic Research and Thesis Writing

International Business (in English)

International Business Negotiation (in English)

Projects and Courses Led

Shanghai Private Higher Education Highland Project 2006

Practical Training Center of Business School

Shanghai Education Committee Innovative Personnel Training Project 2008

Practical Training Course System Development

Shanghai Higher Education Highland Project 2008

International Economics and Trade

Ministry of Education Special Majors Project 2008

International Economics and Trade

Shanghai Key Courses:

International Trade Theory and Practice 2006

Introduction to Business 2008

Shanghai Model Courses taught in English 

Introduction to Business 2009

Macroeconomics 2014


Bao Steel Excellence Teacher Award 

Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award 3rd 2009

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