Mr. Juncheng SUN

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Mr. Juncheng SUN

Associate Professor



Candidate of Ph.D., University of International Business and Economics, China Institute of WTO;

MA in Management, University of International Business and Economics, School of Public Administration

Bachelor of Management, Yanan University,  School of Business and Economics.

Courses Taught

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International economics, Principles and practice of management

Working Experience

2010.5-now,S hanghai Sanda University

2008.07-2010.5, Yurun Group

2004.07-2006.9, Dezhou Steering Factory of Sinotruck.


2013, “Teaching Competition of Shanghai Private Universities 2013”. the first prize in the youth group.

2014, Shanghai Yucai Award.


Project funded by Shanghai Distinguished Young T eacher Development Program in 2011: On the Application of Modern Credit Assessment Techniques in Customs Enterprises Classification Management, Project NO.: ssy10028(First Author,Finished)

Fund project of Shanghai Sanda University, 2015(First Author,Finished)

Sun Juncheng, Cheng Kai. Bilateral political relations, product quality and export behavior [J]. World Economic Research, 2020(07): 90-104+137.

Li Yang, Sun Juncheng. The Trump Administration’s Trade Protectionism Policy——Based on the Research Perspective of Party Politics[J]. American Studies, 2019, 33(03): 43-59+6.

Sun Juncheng, Ye Chengang, Tang Jian. Executive-employee salary gap, management power and corporate performance [J]. Communication of Finance and Accounting, 2019(12): 10-13.

Sun Juncheng, Zhou Qi. Construction of core competitiveness system of electric vehicle enterprises based on value chain[J]. Journal of Donghua University (Natural Science Edition), 2018, 44(06): 995-1001.

Sun Juncheng, Jiang Xuanzhen. Current status, challenges and strategies of energy cooperation between China and the Middle East under the “Belt and Road Initiative”[J]. Journal of International Economic Cooperation, 2018(10): 67-72.

Sun Juncheng, Ye Chengang, Liu Yuxiao. Financial fraud of non-liquid assets and its governance strategy——Taking Asia-Pacific Industrial Company as an example[J]. Finance and Accounting, 2018(15):36-38.

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