Mr.Jianjun SHEN

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Mr.Jianjun SHEN



Office Location: Room 8214, Building NO.8


Master of International economics and trade, 2004, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Bachelor of Tourism management , 1999, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Courses Taught

Practice of International trade

Theory of International trade

International economics

Practice of documents

Simulation practice of International trade

Research Project

Fund project of Shanghai Sanda University, 2013

Publications (articles)

Jianjun Shen (2013).  Analysis of fulfillment in “carbon tariff” and our coping strategy.  Journal of Yangzhou universtiy,17, 54-56.

Jianjun Shen (2007).  Political risk of enterprise in foreign investment and its avoidance.  Journal of Yangzhou universtiy,11, 64-65.

Book Chapters

Haiying Meng, Sanqin Hu & Jianjun Shen. (2013).  Practice of International trade, (pp. 1-27). China Machine Press.

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