Ms. Yi HUANG [Elaine]

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Ms. Yi HUANG [Elaine]



Department: International Economics and Trade

Office: #8412


2009 Master Degree of Science, University of Hull, Financial Management.

2007 Bachelor Degree of Arts in Economics, University of Hull, International Business.

Courses Mainly Taught

436415 International Trade Practice (English) 3 credits (48 class hours) Spring Semester.

430235 Business English Writing  3 credits (48 class hours) Fall Semester.

436329 Business Analytics 3 credits (48 class hours) Fall Semester

435511 Multidisciplinary Integrated Training 4 credits (80 class hours) Spring Semester

Research Projects

Research project “Transformation of Low Carbon Economy for Manufacturers in Zhejiang Province after Financial Crisis” supported by Shanghai Excellent Young Teacher Fund in 2010.

Research project “Factors Influencing the Students’ Interest in Learning” supported by Sanda University in 2016.

Research project “A Tailored Research about the Cultivating Model of Applied-type Talents for International Business Major on the basis of Enterprise Demands” supported by Sanda University in 2017.

Courses Construction

The course “Business English Correspondence” was granted as one of the core curriculum construction projects of Sanda University in 2016.

Honors and Awards

Teaching Achievement Award “Application-driven, Multi-integration” business Practice Teaching Reform and Innovation based on China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone , first prize, Sanda University. 2019.

Teaching Achievement Award “International Trade Practice Course Construction based on Application-oriented Personnel Training” second prize, Sanda University.2017.

“Chuwen Education and Teaching Award”, nomination prize, 2017.

“The Second Shanghai Teaching Skills Competition of University Young Teachers”second prize, 2016.

“Sanda University Teaching Skills Competition of Young Teachers” first prize, 2016.

“The Most Beautiful Teacher Award Sanda University”, 2016.

“National Private Colleges International Business Bilingual Teaching Skills Competition” third prize, 2014. 

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