Ms. Sanqin HU

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Ms. Sanqin HU


Office Location: Room 8214, Building #8


Master of Economics, 2007, Shanghai University of International Business And Economics

Courses Taught

Simulated Operation for International Trade Practice

International Commercial Documents

Declaration Practice

International Trade Practice

Research Interests

Processing Trade, Trade Protection Analysis

Research Projects

Shanghai Project supported by the Shanghai excellent young teachers Research on the customs networked supervision mode towards processing trade, 2007

Shanghai Private University Research Funding The Study About The Influence of The U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement OnTheEconomics And Trade Cooperation Between KoreaAnd China” 2011

Courses Construction

Sanda Key Course Simulated Operation For International Trade Practice, 2008

Participate in construction of Sanda Key Curriculums InternationalCommercial Documents

Textbooks Published

International Trade Practice, China Machine Press, 2013,subeditor

CustomAndInspectionDeclaration Practice,Tsinghua University Press  2015, subeditor

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