Ms. Jie YU

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Ms. Jie YU



Office Location: Room 8206,Building NO.8


Master of Business Administration, 2004, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Courses Taught


Sales management

Strategic management

Marketing simulation

Business Operations Simulation


Yang Shunyong. & Yu jie. Marketing (2009). Chemical Industry Press.

Yu jie. Marketing: Theory and Practice (2016). Fudan University Press.

Yu jie. Sales Management: Theory and Practice (2017). Fudan University Press.

Yu jie. & Niu Shuzhen. Analysis of Problems and Countermeasures about Entrepreneurship Education of Career-oriented Private Universities. Journal of Chinese College Students' Employment (2012).

Yu jie. Study on the Management Model of Tourism Home stay. Annual Report on Homestay in China (2019).

Professional Qualification

Business Consultant (the national occupation qualification level three)

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