Ms. Shuzhen NIU

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Ms. Shuzhen NIU

Vice Dean, Professor


Office Location:  Room 8420. Building NO. 8

Courses Taught

Finance, Public Finance, International Finance


Doctor, 2011, Tarlac State University
Master, 1999, University of Tianjin  

Bachelor, 1988, China University of Geosciences


Wealth Management, Management of Commercial Banks


Research on the Development Path of Internet Finance in Rural China,Journal of Commercial Economics,April.2019

The Influence of P2P Network loan on Commercial Banks and its Countermeasures, China Circulation Economy,Nov. 2019

Research on the Operation Mode and risk Management of P2P supply chain Finance,Contemporary economy, May 2017

Problems and Countermeasures in the Development of Private Enterprises in Hebei Province,Commercial research, June 2006

A Test method of Stock Market Bubble-term correlation method, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management,2003

Research of Determinants of Herding Behavior —A Perspective Based on Intraday High Frequency Data in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Market,Shanghai Sanda Institute Research and Development, 2020

Research of the Information Impact and Index Effect of the CSI300 Index,Shanghai Sanda Institute Research and Development, 2020


Wealth Management, Fudan University Press, 2018  

Green Finance, Shanghai Far-East Publishers,2019

Application of Planning in advance in Financial institutions, Fudan University Press, 2018

Courses Construction

Finance, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 2017

Management of Commercial Banks, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 2012

Publications (books)

Certificate Course for RFP ,Fudan University Press, 2019 ,Editor

The Theory and case Analysis of Internet Finance, Fudan University Press, 2018, Editor

Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press, 2015,2nd editor

International settlement, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press,2018, Associate Editor

Public Finance, Fudan University Press, 2009, Editor


Shanghai Yucai Award,

Chuwen Award, Baogang

Excellent Teacher Award 


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