Ms. Yan PAN

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Ms. Yan PAN

Deputy Director of Finance Department


Office Location:Room 8318, Building No.8

Courses Taught

International Settlement, Interdisciplinary comprehensive training, Cognitive practice education


Bachelor Degree in English, Central South University of Technology, 1993

Master Degree in Economics, Moscow University, 1999

MBA, Rider University, USA, 2006


Construction project of applied undergraduate pilot specialty in Shanghai,2017

Special construction project of Shanghai Municipal Government,2018

Cooperative education project of the Ministry of Education2019

Construction of first class undergraduate specialty in Shanghai,2020


Risk management of securities companiesTsinghua University Press2014

Courses Construction

International Settlement, Construction of all English demonstration course in Shanghai, 2013

Textbooks published:

International Settlement, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press2018


Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award, Second Prize2018

Competition of applied teaching connotation in private colleges and universities in the Yangtze River DeltaSecond Prize , 2018

Special award for school level teaching achievements, Outstanding winner, 2018

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