Mr. Xun GE

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Mr. Xun GE


Office Location: 2727 Jinhai Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China  Zip: 201209

Tel: (86-21)-20262626

Mob: 86-13816798872



Jan. 2009 - New School University, U.S.A.,   Ph.D. in Economics 

Jan. 1997 - New School University, U.S.A.,   M.A. in Economics        

Jan. 1990 - Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China  M.A. in Economics      

Feb. 1982 - Hefei University of Technology, China B.S. in Engineering      

Courses Taught in Chinese

Fund Management, Financial Market, Finance, Monetary Banking

Courses Taught in English

Physics for Financial Economics, Economic and Financial Dynamics, Finance, Mathematical Economics, Econometrics.

Course Taught in Bilinguish

Macroeconomic and Financial Dynamics

Research Fields

Physics for Financial Economics or Econophysics, Macroeconomic and Financial Theories, Portfolio investment and Financial Planning, International Trade.


“International Taxation” - As One of the Authors, Responsible for the Part, “The Coordination of International Tax Affair”, China Press of Finance and Economics, 1994, 1999 & 2007, Beijing, China


“A Study of theMicrofoundation of Consumption in Economics” - UMI Dissertation Publishing, 2010, U.S.A.






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