Ms. Wenlu XIE

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Ms. Wenlu XIE



Office Phone: 68681625

Office Location: Room 8316, Building 8

Courses Taught

International Finance, Financial English, Central Banking, etc.


Master in Finance, 2006, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China


Monetary Policy, Exchange Rates, Investment Efficiency

Refereed Articles and Working Papers

Wenlu Xie, The Impact of Electronic Payment System on Banking Industry, Business Culture, 2009/02

Wenlu Xie, Determinants of Investment Efficiency, working papers

Wenlu Xie, Bank Loans and Investment Efficiency: Empirical Evidence from China’s Listed Firms, working papers

Wenlu, Xie, Online Learning Center and Continuous Assessment, working papers

Courses Construction

Shanghai English-delivered Model Course: International Finance, chief participant, 2017·

Shanghai English-delivered Model Course: International Settlement, participant, 2014

Sanda University Key Course: International Economics (bilingual), participant 2010

Sanda University Key Course: Financial Law, chief participant 2012

Shanghai Key Course: International Finance, major participant, 2009

Textbooks Published

International Finance: Application, ISBN:9787811175936, China Agriculture University Press, 2009, Co-contributor


Sanda University Teaching Competition, Successfully Participation, 2016

Sanda University Teaching Achievement Award, Outstanding Winner (team), 2017

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