Ms. Yu YU

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Office Location:  Room 8316. Building NO. 8

Courses Taught

Statistics, Probability and Statistics, Applied Statistics, Information Systems


Master of Science, 2007, University of Hull, Financial Management

Diploma, 2005, University of Hull, Mathematics of Finance

Bachelor of Science, 2004, University of Hertfordshire, Computer Science


The Efficient Market Hypothesis and The Bilingual Education


Yu Yu, The Efficient Market Hypothesis and its Application in China, Modern Business, 2016

Yu Yu, Yan Jin, Bilingual Teaching and Exploration of Statistics, Popular Science, 2017

Yan Jin, Yu Yu, Research on Personal Housing Credit Business of Financial Banks in China, Modern Business, 2017

Yu Yu, Yan Jin, The Enlightenment of Singapore’s Bilingual Teaching Model on Bilingual Teaching in China’s Universities and Colleges, Yangtze River Series, 2019


International Comparison of Bilingual Education Models, Shanghai Sanda Institute Research and Development, 2007


The Fifth Teachers' Skills Competition of Sanda University 2019, Second Prize

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