Ms. Yan JIN

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Ms. Yan JIN



Office Location: Room 8306, No.2727 Jinhai Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Courses Taught

Finance; Insurance


Master of Science, 2008, University of Hull, UK, Financial Management

Bachelor of Arts, 2006, University of Hull, UK, Business & Management 


Yan JIN (2011), The analysis on social medical insurance in China, Shanghai Sanda Institute Research and development, No.2,2011, P51

Yan JIN (2012), The applications of information understanding to teaching and learning in the course of insurance, Manager’ Journal, March, P358

Yan JIN, Yu YU (2017), Research on personal housing credit business of financial banks in China, Modern Business, July, P189

Yu YU, Yan JIN (2017), Bilingual teaching and exploration of statistics, Popular Science, August, P160

Yu YU, Yan JIN (2019), The enlightenment of Singapore’s bilingual teaching model on bilingual teaching in China’s universities and colleges, Yangtze River Series, January, P101

Research Projects

Young Teachers’ Training Fund on Research and Development in Colleges and Universities in Shanghai in 2008

Sanda 2012 Key Course


Sanda Research Funding 2014; Sanda Research Funding 2018

Shanghai Key Course

Finance, 2017

Shanghai Universities and Colleges Demonstration English Course

Insurance, 2017

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