Dr. Weizhong CHEN

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Dr. Weizhong CHEN


Dean, Shenxiang School of Business

Email:  chen_wz@163.com

Office: 8424


Ph.D. in Management,Xi’an Jiaotong University, 1997


  He used to assume the positions of dean of The Department of Economics and Finance of Tongji University, director of the Academic Committee of Applied Economics, member of the Academic Committee of Tongji University, the standing director of Shanghai Finance Association, the President of Shanghai Futures Research Institute, the Director of Modern Finance Research Institute, and etc.   He proposed much earlier than the others the ideas such as asset management and  the establishment of a global asset allocation platform, and others. He is also one of the earlier scholars who studied and promoted “indexed investment”, and “anti-manipulation of the market” in Shanghai.

  He has been an independent director of the listed companies for more than 10 years, and an independent director of securities investment fund companies for nearly 10 years. He is engaged in MBA education for 27 years, familiar with China's securities market and investment practice, and founded Shanghai International MBA(SIMBA) in 2000, And, therefore, he has very rich experience in training high-level application-oriented talented personnel.  He has also presided over and completed 10 projects of National Natural Science Foundation in China.


Courses Taught

Financial Market, Investment Practice

Research Achievements

  He has been engaged in the research and teaching of financial market and investment for a long time and published more than 100 academic papers and 8 books and textbooks in “Financial Research”, “Economic Trends”, “Quantitative Economy and Technical Economy”, and “Management Review”, and other academic publications.

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