Jiashan County CPPCC Chairman He Quangen went to Jiashan Guangbiao College for Investigation

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Chairman He acknowledged the achievements of Jiashan Guangbiao College in the past 18 years and thanked the teachers and students for their great contributions to the construction and development of Jiashan County. He said that Jiashan Guangbiao College was “Jiashan’s home university”, so the development of the college and jiashan county were closely linked. He said that the Jiashan Committee would also actively adopt various forms to promote cooperation and exchange at a deeper level in talent training and vocational education.

On the morning of June 4th, He Quangen, chairman of the CPPCC of Jiashan County, went to Jiashan Guangbiao College for investigation. Xu Jianjia, secretary general of the CPPCC of Jiashan County, Cai Jiadong, director of history Committee, and Xin Guorui, deputy director, accompanied him for investigation. Pan Huibin, vice President of our school, And Chen Chunfeng, assistant principal and executive vice President of Jiashan Guangbiao College participated in the activity.

At the symposium, Pan Huibin, on behalf of our school, expressed his welcome to chairman He Quangen and his delegation, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Jiashan County for its long-term support to the construction and development of our school and Jiashan Guangbiao College, and exchanged views on further promoting the cooperation between the school and local areas. Chen Chunfeng briefly introduced the basic information of the college.

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