Our School Carries Out Campus Safety Inspection

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-06-15Views:10

According to the requirement of Municipal Education Commission, a school safety inspection was carried out on the morning of June 9, by relevant departments.

The inspection team members went through the guard center, flood control and warehouse, student dormitory, computer room, laboratory, and the student canteen key places, and proposed suggestions and opinions based on control standards, basic facilities, fire fighting and electrical items, and potential safety problems. The team urged relevant departments to track implementation, and put special emphasis on whether the key places under special management were in place, whether management system was imperfect, whether parameter records were complete.

Given that the flood season in Shanghai in 2020 will be characterized by “slightly more precipitation, stronger typhoon intensity, stronger convective weather intensity, and slightly more high temperature day”, the inspection also put forward requirements for flood and typhoon control work: to implement a good flood control and emergency supplies reserve, to further strengthen the leadership of the implementation of responsibility, to ensure the implementation of measures in place, to ensure the safety of the school and the lives and property of teachers and students.

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