The Expert Meeting for the Construction Plan of Shanghai First-class Undergraduate in Nursing Was Held

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On the morning of June 4th, the International College of Medical Technology held the expert meeting for the construction plan of Shanghai first-class undergraduate major in nursing. The panel of experts was composed of 5 members, including Wang Zhihong and Jiang Anli, professors from School of Nursing at Naval Medical University, Zhang Yaqing and Xu Lihua, professors from School of Nursing at Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Gao Ying, deputy director of academic Affairs of our school. The expert group listened to the professional report, and pointed out the professional redeemable points, problems and revision opinions from the perspective of positioning, characteristics and advantages, construction ideas, reform measures and other aspects,. The meeting was chaired by Xu Yan, President of the International College of Medical Technology.

After nearly 10 years of construction and development of nursing major, Sanda has made significant achievements in the applied professional construction, laying a good foundation for Shanghai first-class professional construction work in nursing. The school has cultivated and transported a batch of applied nursing undergraduates with “stable professional thought, strong communication ability and good operation technology”.

According to the expert group, the construction plan of Shanghai first-class undergraduate major in nursing has accurate target positioning, clear construction ideas, feasible construction measures and prominent key points. The construction plan conforms to the construction requirements of the relevant plan of the Ministry of Education, and combines the actual situation of private colleges and application-oriented undergraduate programs, reflecting the characteristics of specialty.

Finally, Xu Yan expressed her gratitude to the five experts. She asked for major modification according to the opinions, so as to better refine the professional characteristics, enhance the highlights of the major, promote the development of professional connotation and improve the quality of professional talent cultivation.

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