The Health Education Department Teachers and Students Held an Online Internship Summary Meeting

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On the morning of May 14th, 60 students from the Department of Health Education of 2016 held an online summing-up meeting with all the teachers.

At the meeting, Lou Jianhua, deputy director of the Department of Health education, reviewed and summarized the current student education practice, including the evaluation and investigation of the base school before the practice, and the special seminar for teachers. During the internship, the department strengthened the dual management of school teachers and professional instructors, held periodic internship summary and exchange, and evaluated the standard of students' internship projects. She analyzed the gains and problems of the internship from the core competence of school health management, health education and health care service, and put forward suggestions and plans from three aspects: students, base schools and health education.

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the original 16 weeks of internship was interrupted, and only 8 weeks were completed. However, the department made timely adjustments, and the students completed a pre-control report of their school with their professional knowledge. Zhao Aiping affirmed the timely adjustment made by the teachers of the health education Department to the practice, and expressed satisfaction with the students’ performance in the practice.

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