Journalism Training Held the Fourth Lecture on “How to Find and Spread Good Voice on Campus"

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On June 3rd, the Director of The Youth Daily, Liu Xinlu brought the fourth lecture on “How to Discover and Spread the Good Voice of the Campus” for the training of the professional skills of news and public opinion work team organized by the Publicity Department of the school.

Liu Xinlu has worked as a journalist for more than ten years. In recent years, she has been in charge of news gathering and reporting on important topics such as municipal People's Congress and Shanghai universities in Youth Daily. In the lecture, she took the basic features, definition and elements of news as the main entry point, and emphasized that the characteristics of news that were true and fresh. News is an art of choosing facts, so a journalist needs to have a strong sensitivity to news. “When you’re a journalist editor, it’s not enough to write brilliantly,” she says. “The first thing is to be able to pick the facts.” She explained the active and passive ways to capture “news spots”, using her own news as an example to tell how to dig for campus news around her. Different entry points of an event can present different news stories through cases. Finally, she emphasized the importance of the title.

This lecture combines online and offline modes. According to the students watching online, this lecture is close to the campus publicity work, and they have learned the attention points and tricks of writing this kind of news, and they want to try to participate in the publicity work of the school in the future.

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