The Planning and Technology Department Held the Annual Conference on Scientific Research for 2020

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In order to summarize and review the scientific research work of our school and further clarify the thinking of scientific research work, the planning and science and technology department held a scientific research meeting on May 21. President Chen Yiyi attended the meeting and made a request for the scientific research work. Li Guang, director of planning and science and technology department, briefed on the scientific research work in 2019 and the annual scientific research work plan in 2020. The leaders in charge of the scientific research work and the relevant staff attended the meeting.

In his speech, Chen Yiyi put forward three requirements for the scientific research work of our school. First, we should think about the significance of scientific research to the development of Sanda. An application-oriented university not only requires teachers to teach well and students to practice more, but also to directly serve the needs of the society. The university should focus on the development of science and technology in Shanghai and even the Yangtze river delta region, the popularization of higher education, the aging of the population, etc., fulfill the service function of the university to the society, and strive to provide high-quality services. Second, we should think about the connotation and expression of application service that are suitable for the application orientation. Research with application services as the main body should not only be expressed in the form of paper publication, but also in the form of patent, consultation, training and other forms of service support for the society. Colleges should actively explore various possibilities of connotation output to serve the society and improve teachers' ability. Thirdly, we should consider the reform of the school’s scientific research system and build a scientific research evaluation mechanism suitable for the actual situation of the school. The secondary management system reform plan issued by the school last year has taken research and social service as one of the core assessment indicators for the school. The secondary school should promote the implementation of the plan, and the school will provide support to teachers who are capable and ambitious to win resources in the society as far as possible in terms of policies, funds, systems and services.

Li Guang reviewed the scientific research work of our school in 2019 from four aspects, including the construction of academic governance system, the revision of scientific research management system, the establishment of scientific research platform and the existing problems, and announced the scientific research work plan in 2020.

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