The Second Session of the Training Course Began on the Professional Ability of the Press and Public Opinion Working Group

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On the afternoon of May 21, Liu Yilin, the chief reporter of Eastday, was invited to give a lecture to the propaganda teachers and student journalists in the school. This was the second lecture of the training course on the professional ability of the news and public opinion working team held by the propaganda department of the school party committee. Through online and offline training, teachers and students listened to “the story of Shanghai’s fight against the epidemic in the eyes of a journalist”.

Liu is mainly responsible for news reporting on health and education. She said, to be a reporter is to learn to find a story, learn to tell a story, learn to tell a good story, constantly accumulating and maintaining the desire to run to the front line momentum. Journalists are, first and foremost, chroniclers, so we must aspire to be a chronicler of the progress of the time, a witness to reform and development, and a watcher of fairness and justice. She hopes that students who want to be journalists can keep their spirits up no matter when, because they will encounter many difficulties in the future, but they must not forget why they set out.

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