Students from the School of Art Design and Media Contribute to Passing on the Intangible Cultural Heritage

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Recently, a banner writing “the youth of the time, ‘post-wave’ for intangible cultural heritage” was sent to the office of the school of art design and media. The protection organization of Huyan, a national intangible cultural heritage, affirmed the efforts of Li Yilin, Huang Yanxi, Pan Shijie, Internet and new media majors in our school, to use the new media platform for passing on intangible cultural heritage.

Since November 2019, these three students, supported by their instructor Song Huili, have taken the new media operation of Huyan, a national intangible cultural heritage, as the content of their graduation project. In the early stage of the project, they communicated with the protection organization of Huyan and the municipal inheritors of huyan”, Zhang Shimin and Zhou Shuming for many times. After obtaining the cooperation recognition, they registered official accounts on six platforms, including Tik tok, Kuaishou, Himalaya FM, Weibo, Bilibili and Toutiao, with the name of Huxiaoyan, which was officially put into operation on the New Year’s Day of 2020. It is reported that the maximum number of views of a single video on Tik tok platform reached 247,000, which played a positive role in spreading the tradition. Two municipal inheritors expressed their gratitude to Sanda and three students for bringing Huyan to the online platform and realizing an unexpected form of communication.

Instructor Song Huili said that students used their knowledge and skills to provide services to society, and the society also tested education and teaching results. She hoped that there would be more such win-win opportunities in the future.

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