The School Party Committee Held the First Group Study Visit of “Four Histories” Education

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-05-26Views:10

On the morning of May 20, members of the “four histories” learning and education leading group went to the memorial hall at the site of the national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) for the first group visit and study on the history of the party, the history of the new China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of the development of socialism.

Based on the early stage of the self-study and this visit, the leading group members say that Shanghai was the birthplace of the communist party of China, the communist party of China people went out from here and the history of the communist party of China began here. Such a visit is of great significance. The power of faith is extremely powerful. We can learn the history of the party on the spot and experience the revolutionary tradition and revolutionary spirit behind it.

The party committee of our school made a special study on the education of the “four histories”, set up a leading group, and formulated the implementation plan. The first group visit is to warm up the “four histories” education and lay a good foundation for the deployment and implementation.

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