The Interview of Top-up Degree Went Smoothly at Sanda

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2020-05-26Views:10

On May 19th, the interview of our school’s top-up degree was held in Jinhai campus as scheduled. Candidates who met the interview conditions and health requirements for epidemic prevention entered our school, received the material review, and participated in the interview.

In order to ensure the safety of the job interview, our school has taken strict prevention and control measures. Candidates from Shanghai should present their ID card and “health code”; candidates from other provinces and cities should present their ID cards, “health code” and negative result of nucleic acid test. And all candidates should provide the “14-day temperature registration form”, and the on-site temperature measurement should be normal before they could enter the school. They should enter the examination room according to the designated route and conduct classified interviews in batches. If a candidate’s “health code” is abnormal or he/she fails to produce a negative nucleic acid test report, the doctor of Caolu epidemic prevention center will precheck the candidate. If the candidate has been ruled out of the possibility of covid-19 after medical diagnosis, he/she can enter the hall of building 2 through a separate channel to wait for the test and conduct a video interview in the designated classroom. If the body temperature of the examinee is higher than 37.3℃, the examinee shall be guided to enter the temporary exam booth outside the campus for video interview by the on-site disease control personnel in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control emergency treatment process.

According to the fair and just principle, the interview process adopts a double blind form. The examinee enters waiting room to draw the interview number at random on the interview day. Then he/she enters the preparation room to draw interview question at random and then take the interview after preparation.

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