Ma Liangyu: I am honored to be one of the medical team helping Hubei Province

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Ma Liangyu, a 2019 nursing graduate from Shanghai Sanda University, is now a nurse in the department of breast surgery at Renji Hospital, affiliated to the school of medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong university. On February 19, she rushed to the Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan and served as a nurse in the negative pressure ward.

“Leader, I want to sign up.” On the night before Chinese New Year Eve, Ma Liangyu saw the head nurse’s notice of recruiting epidemic emergency base in the WeChat group, and she replied immediately. During the recovery time, she was not only ready to reinforce the hospital emergency department, fever clinic and isolation ward, but also ready to rush to Wuhan.

On February 9, Ma received the message “Yuyu, are you sure you want to go to Wuhan?” “Yes”, she replied. Over the past half month, she had seen the increasingly serious situation in Wuhan on the news and was well aware of the increasing pressure on medical staff. “I wanted to do something to help them,” she said. “I never wavered in my heart to help Wuhan.”

 A day later than planned, Ma arrived at Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan on Feb. 19. At the beginning, there were only beds and tables in the ward, and all medical supplies and equipment were still in the warehouse inside and outside the cabin. They led a team of medical personnel, received two trucks of things, hand handling, preparation, layout of isolation areas, office areas and living areas. Three days later, the general ward the infectious disease opened.

“Our ward is responsible for treating covid-19 patients with mild moderate disease. In addition to the routine treatment, we also have to conduct daily ventilation and disinfection, calm the patients and meet their needs as much as possible.” She is the nurse in charge of the negative pressure ward and needs to directly receive patients for nursing. The conditions inside the cabin are very difficult, the protective clothing is airtight, and the inner layer of clothing will soon get wet.

The hard work of nursing can only be realized when you really come here, but the whole team is persevering and trying to get the best out of the virus. Shift is not fixed; the medical staff cannot sleep while must ensure rest. Unfamiliar environment and the first time out of a long distance makes people lack a sense of security. “Nursing is a really valuable profession,” Ma says. “we can appreciate the value of life more than others. ”Choosing nursing as a profession means you have a social responsibility. I am very honored to be a member of the medical team in Hubei province. I think I can overcome all the difficulties in the future with my heart firmly.”

Ma Liangyu is one of the graduates from the School of International Medical Technology of our university. She is one of the “reverse travelers” who rushed to Wuhan for help after the outbreak of the epidemic. On May 12, the International Nursing Day, let us extend our congratulations to the medical angels and alumni of Sanda, paying tribute to the role models around us!

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