Shengxiang Business School Held a Seminar on “How to Improve Academic Research Ability”

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To create an active research atmosphere and keep up with the trend of the development in the information age, “the lecture of 2020 business academic research ability raising was held on the afternoon of May 8. Professor An Haizhong, Dean of Humanities and Economics at China University of Geosciences (Beijing) was invited to gave an online lecture on the theme of “how to improve the level of academic research”. Professor Niu Shuzhen, Deputy Dean of Shengxiang Business School, presided over the lecture. About 96 faculty members and finance juniors attended.

Professor An Haizhong first introduced the research results of the school of humanities and economics and his team, including 159 SCI/SSCI papers, 22 papers in the top 5% of JCR journals, and 933 citations. Then, he explained in detail the methods and experience for the team to achieve achievements in academic research. First, he emphasized the sharing of wisdom many times, which requires long-term persistence. The second is to apply for funds, to understand the forefront of professional direction, and to obtain peer review opinions. The third is learning methods and tools, from understanding tools, laying a good foundation to how to effectively progress to actual combat operations. The fourth is to take immediate action and systematically sort out the action points in each process from research paradigm to thesis writing and revision after review. The fifth is the thesis internal audit with more purposeful team guidance check. The sixth is fine management, recording salon communication, making data summary, and improving team efficiency. The seventh is academic exchange. Jointly train graduate students with famous foreign universities, broaden their horizons, get acquainted with peers and strengthen communication. The Eighth is to clarify the rules through objective and transparent standards to promote the enthusiasm of teachers and students in scientific research, forming a good circle.

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