The Pilot Project in the Spanish Language Department Held an Online Teaching Seminar

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In order to further improve the teaching quality of online courses, the Spanish department of our school and Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Language School recently held an online teaching seminar for Spanish majors in Shanghai. The two sides shared their experience in online course teaching and discussed the quality management of online course teaching. Chen quan, dean of Spanish department of our school, led the discussion.

Online course teaching experience exchange is carried out from the aspects of pre-class preparation, in-class management, after-class supervision and test. Before class, teachers actively and earnestly prepare lessons, search a large number of multimedia materials and elaborate courseware. Through the wisdom tree, teaching resources are distributed in advance, preview tasks are arranged, and students are required to submit the preview homework within the specified time to make full preparations for the online class. In class, teachers adopt more flexible teaching methods to improve students’ participation in class and try to ensure the authenticity of the recitation process. Students receive explanation tasks in groups, and use the form of flipped classroom to exercise their self-study ability and group cooperation ability. At the same time, a variety of flexible sampling methods are also adopted to ensure that students have a firm grasp of basic knowledge and practice language application skills. Teachers say that as a language major, students are widely required to read and practice, which largely depends on students’ self-consciousness. Now teachers can intuitively check students’ preview situation through the online platform, which is a big gain. Because students can get familiar with the key points and difficulties of each class in advance, compared with the traditional face-to-face class, now the teacher-student interaction is more frequent.

After class supervision is an important part of teaching management. Assignments are distributed through online platforms in a variety of forms, including listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation. Some assignments require students to submit within a specified time and are linked to their usual grades to ensure that students finish their assignments on time and with high quality. To this end, the department raised the proportion of the average grade to the total grade, from 60% to 70%.

Teachers from both sides believe that online courses have obvious shortcomings or in terms of examination, especially in language teaching. In order to ensure the fairness of the examination, the teachers studied various examination platforms and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of various question types.

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