Teachers and Students from the School of Art design and Media Fought against the Epidemic War with Art

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Under the situation of the nationwide “epidemic” war, the school of art design and media responded quickly and carried out the epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner according to the unified deployment of the school.

In the face of the epidemic, the party members took active actions, responded to the call, and contributed to donations, voluntary services, design and creation to fight the epidemic with their own strength. In the donation campaign initiated by the organization department of the university party committee, 112 party members of the college raised a total of 11233.1 yuan. In addition, students spontaneously donated more than 7,000 masks to the affected areas.

In early February, the sub-committee of the youth league and the student union of the school launched a solicitation order for cultural and creative works, encouraging students to make contributions to the fight against the epidemic with their own expertise, and to arouse people’s motivation and confidence in the fight against the epidemic with artistic creation. Since the soliciting order was issued, more than 40 pieces of “epidemic disease” works have been received in total, including original and adapted works in different categories such as poster design, video production, font design, calligraphy and painting, song creation, and articles for Wechat official accounts.

In accordance with the relevant policies and notification requirements for online teaching during the epidemic period, the school has made timely preparations and plans for transferring the teaching plan online, and cooperated with the academic affairs office of the university in formulating and deploying online teaching tasks. In view of the characteristics of art majors, the school made early preparations and the faculty actively cooperated to overcome the difficulties in remote teaching, actively asked the students about their feelings, and alleviated the teaching pressure.

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