Jiefang Daily: Teachers Should Be Trained Before Serving Students

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“After seeing the recruitment information from the college, I sent out my resume, had an online interview, and finally received the employment letter”, said Su, a computer science and technology major. His experience of “cloud application” benefited from the in-depth cooperation between universities and enterprises, and the connection between supply and demand through the Internet. Company recruiters say Sanda graduates are firm applicants and willing to learn new technologies, which they value most.

Affected by the epidemic, the employment pressure of this year’s graduates increased, but many students like Su employ the “Internet +” to have “cloud” employment in Shanghai..As of April 20, nearly 50% of the university’s more than 4,000 fresh graduates have signed up or are interested in signing up employment contracts.

Make Accurate Classification

There are many graduates this year, but they have different ideas and thoughts. Sanda commissioned a third party in this year’s graduates, researching employers, students’ employment intention, employment status, employment expectations, employers’ recruitment demand changes, spring recruitment arrangements, etc.

“Cloud” Bridges Supply and Demand

“In this special situation, enterprises can’t come to the university to hold job fairs, so we build a bridge in the “cloud” to shorten the distance between employers and students”, said Zhang Jianping, director of the school’s employment office. She pointed out that with the help of a variety of network channels, the school took the initiative to contact high-quality employers and organized the spring online recruitment activities. Sanda has held several recruiting meetings online, with more than 300 units participating and providing more than 900 positions.

Ensuring the Online Services

In order to enable school teachers to better serve students, the employment office introduced professional institutions and conducted a two-week online training camp for teachers to improve their professional level of employment assistance.

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